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It’s no secret that most people view window tint as more of a decorative touch, rather than anything else- but can this innovative product actually play a role in saving your life someday? Take a look at five different benefits of window tint.

1. Preventing Melanoma
As an Arizona resident, you are undoubtedly aware of the harmful effects the desert sun can have on the health of your skin. Many individuals spend hours a day in the car or sitting in front of a large window. If not properly monitored, constant sun and UV exposure can lead to the development of skin cancer, also known as melanoma. By tinting the windows of your vehicle, home, or office- you are guaranteeing yourself protection from these harmful UV rays. Don’t just stop with your own vehicle, protect your family members by inquire about our family vehicle packages to have multiple cars tinted for all the members of your family!

2. During Natural Disasters
Monsoon season may be some Arizona residents favorite time of the year, but with it can come various bouts of strong winds and micro-bursts that can result in shattered home, office, or vehicle windows. Fallen trees can bring damage to your front windshield as well.
Protect yourself or your family from these dangerous shards of glass by having window tint applied to these high risk areas. The adhesive that is within the structure of the window film can help hold fragile glass pieces together in the event of windows being cracked or broken. This cuts down your risk of being injured in the event of a busted window.

3. Reduction of Possible Burglaries
Unfortunately, we have to face the facts- burglaries happen. They happen to our vehicles, homes and sometimes even our offices. By installing a good quality window film on car, home or office windows- you can prevent potential burglars from seeing valuables. It will also strengthen the windows, making it difficult for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your premises or vehicle.

4. Prevent a Collision by Reducing Glare
With the bright Phoenix sun, one moment of poor visibility as a result of the glare can cause a potentially fatal vehicle collision. A large number of accident reports refer to poor visibility as one of the main causes for the collision. Poor visibility can be caused by glare from road surfaces, vehicle windows and other reflective surfaces such as signs or road obstructions. By investing in window tint, you can greatly reduce glare making it far easier to see properly while driving.

5. Safety Inside Your Vehicle
Thieves and hijackers will often look for easy targets when plotting their activities. This will often include a driver who travels with valuable items such as cell phones, purses, navigation systems, or pricey sound systems openly displayed in their vehicle. By opting for slightly darker window film, you can make it more difficult for criminals to see what is being transported within your vehicle. Not knowing what lies inside, many hijacking or theft attempts will be deterred as the assailant will be unable to see whether or not your are armed for your own protection.
When you decide to select a window tint service, it is important to compare quality instead of prices alone. This helps to ensure that you are receiving a quality product that serves its intended purpose for years to come. Call All Mobile Auto Care today for more information and details on our exceptional window tint options. We will have you on your way to being more protected and safe by use of window film.