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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (AKA: Clear Bra,) is used to protect a vehicle’s paint job from rock chips, minor abrasions and even bug splatters. Made from a thermoplastic urethane material, a Clear Bra can be applied to the front bumpers, hood, side mirrors and even the entire vehicle for maximum protection.

Paint Protection Film is formulated to be perfectly clear and able to conform to the surface of nearly any vehicle. It can be found in various colors and thickness by a number of manufacturers. All Mobile Tint, Glass & Clear Bra takes pride in providing the best Paint Protection Film in the industry.

Similar to automotive window tint, there are no certification requirements needed to purchase clear bra material. However, the installation process is complex and tedious to perform accurately. Because of its complexity, we recommend that paint protection film be applied by a Professional Clear Bra Technician.


Benefits of Clear Bra

Now that you understand what Paint Protection Film is, let’s discuss the actual benefits that it provides. The most obvious benefit is the shield it provides to your vehicle’s paint job. Every time we hit the road, our vehicle is subject to everyday hazards. From rock nicks to shopping carts, even the tiniest culprits can leave your car with a nasty scratch. A Clear Bra will protect your car without altering the appearance or integrity of the original paint job.

Low Maintenance

Paint Protection film is also extremely low maintenance. It is water resistant and can tolerate the basic car wash or rainy day. It can be easily cleaned or scrubbed with water and a mild detergent in the event of bug or dirt buildup.


Paint Protection Film is not permanent! It can be removed easily if necessary, leaving the paint job underneath unscratched and like new. In the event that you want to sell your car, the Clear Bra preserves the finish of your vehicle and keeps it looking newer longer. Thus, enhancing the resale value of your vehicle in the future.​

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Where can a Clear Bra be applied?

Paint Protection Film can be professionally installed anywhere you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job. Being that it is virtually invisible, a Clear Bra will not change or affect the design or color of any vehicle. It can be applied to the hood, bumper, rocker panels, door handle cavities, door edges, trunks and roofs. (Bye bye nasty effects of tree sap and bird droppings!)

So how about it?

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