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What are the benefits of window tint?

Many individuals have asked themselves this question at some point in their life. Unless of course they got lucky and the car they purchased has tint installed. In which case, you may need to replace at some point in the future. Either way, window tint can and will be a very intelligent investment. Whether it is saving you from a future bout with skin cancer or that it has provided you with that extra bit of security needed to protect the valuables within your car- window tint is beneficial. Let’s take a look at the most noted benefits of window tint.

Decreased Heat: Depending on the brand of film used, your average window tint can provide up to 63% solar heat rejection. Nobody enjoys getting into their vehicle and burning their hands on the steering wheel or branding themselves from the seat belt buckle. It is a proven fact that window tint will provide a more comfortable interior along with cutting down the usage of air conditioning. What does less air conditioning usage mean to you? Well, improved gas mileage of course. It will also extend the life of your vehicle’s AC system.

Reduced Fading: Window film also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays. This provides protection to your vehicle’s interior which will enhance the look of the seats, carpets, wood trim, and dashboards. Don’t let your vehicle fall victim to sun rot. Sun rot repairs can be both timely and costly.

Diminished Health Risks:  Exposure to UV rays coming from the sun can pose health risks to both your eyes and your skin. Window tint will help to provide that extra “sunscreen” effect that will lessen the exposure to those harmful UV rays.

Increase Safety and Security: It is much more difficult to see inside a vehicle that has window tint. Window film can provide that extra level of security in case you may have valuables lying inside. This can help to protect against those smash and grab car thefts.

Enhanced Appearance: Everyone knows it; a nicely tinted car looks CLEAN! There are a number of different films and shades that can be chosen from to give your vehicle that extra pizzazz. Un-tinted vehicles are commonly referred to as looking like a “fish bowl.” Window tint will help bring a vehicle to the look that is desired.
So how about it? You want to keep your skin looking nice and also make your car look sharp? Make the choice to tint your windows. Our technicians will provide you with the clean, professional window tint job you desire. For your convenience, our technician will come to you and tint your vehicle on sight. We are so confident in our product and its benefits that we back every job by a lifetime warranty. Trust All Mobile Auto Care with your vehicle and you are GUARANTEED to be satisfied.