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What if there are bubbles in my tint?
If you have just had your windows tinted, you may notice a few bubbles lingering in your freshly tinted windows.  These bubbles may resemble golf ball dimples or may look streaky. Luckily, they are normally okay and are created as a result of the water that is trapped in the process of creating the seal between the window and film.  Over time they will work their way out of the film and dissolve.

How long will the tint bubbles last?
When your tint is first installed, there may be some noticeable bubbles for about a week. How long they stay depends on the amount of direct sunlight and the outside temperature. If you notice that they are lingering for longer than ten to fourteen days, contact us a call so we can analyze the bubbles to see what needs to be done.

What if I have bubbles in older tint?
Unfortunately, there may be occasions when the tint bubbling can indicate a breakdown of the film or the adhesive.  Usually, some bubbling is common when the adhesive fails over time. Luckily, the automotive film we use at All Mobile Auto Care, LLC  comes with a lifetime warranty.  Our warranties cover bubbling, delamination, demetallization, adhesive failure, and discoloration. Many of these issues may occur over a period of time and are more common with excessive sun exposure or even use of the wrong chemicals in cleaning solutions.