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There are all sorts of occasions which can damage a vehicle windshield. Some, like a poorly aimed basketball from a neighbor’s child or gravel which hits the glass on a busy highway, tend to be fairly harmless, although unlucky. Others, like break-ins or even a fender bender, can be significant and dangerous. Whatever the severity, the damaged windshield should not be ignored. With respects to broken, chipped, or even cracked automotive glass, you have to get a professional repair to ensure the job is done right.

Incurring damage to your windshield is very unfortunate, but the great news is that a complete windshield replacement may not be necessary. Auto glass professionals may perform windshield repairs, especially if the damage to your glass is small and localized. This kind of repair is most effective for small potato chips size cracks. To finish the repair, an auto glass professional will clean the area in order to prepare the surface then apply an epoxy resin which will fill in the actual chip or crack. This type resin creates a bond between the pieces which were broken in addition to filling any spaces. When it bonds and dries, though this material is clear as well as smooth, it creates an almost invisible area in the entire glass surface. It is extremely important to contact an auto glass repair expert and get this kind of repair completed as soon as possible. You need to fix the smallest nicks as quickly as possible so they will not have an opportunity to expand and become worse, possibly making it required for the complete windshield to be replaced.